Drake To DJ Akademiks After Getting Booed Off Stage: “Just Not My Night”

Drake reportedly told DJ Akademiks that it was a “moment of humility.”

During this weekend’s Camp Glog Gnaw Festival, a surprise guest was teased for a major headline spot and, when fans theorized that Frank Ocean would be making an appearance, the hype just kept on rising.

Frank Ocean was never even announced for the show and the headliner ended up being Drake. People just weren’t feeling him though and the Canadian rapper got booed off stage.

He has since responded to the incident directly to DJ Akademiks.

He’s not too bothered about getting showered in boos, taking the moment in stride and telling Akademiks that it served as a “moment of humility”. He also said that it just “wasn’t his night” and that he “wasn’t who they wanted to see.”

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