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Netflix is undoubtedly the best movie streaming service all over the world right now. Since 2016, Netflix expanded their coverage and now you basically can watch movies and TV shows anywhere. That means you won’t miss any new episode when you travel overseas.

You can watch the movies on your smartphone, tablet or computer. In case you want to watch them on TV, recent smart TVs already have the app. If you have an old TV or want to watch Netflix in your hotel room, just use a small streaming media player like Apple TV, Roku streaming stick or Google Chromecast.


At the moment, Netflix is offering 3 different plans, including BasicStandard, and Premium which cost $9, $13 and $16 respectively.

Netflix prices

If you love watching movies, shows, videos etc but, you are irregular with the timings when they are broadcasted on your television then Netflix is the best option for you since, here you can watch the movies or shows which you have missed any time on it by playing them online with absolutely no restriction on the number of times you watch the same thing over and over again.

Netflix is the best platform to watch shows and movies online on your smartphone and have a great experience just by downloading its app.

There are tons of advantages of getting access to Netflix premium account. Here are some of them for your reference:

  • Easy access to numerous movies and TV shows without the need to download them
  • Easy compatibility with Smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Blu-ray players
  • Availability as a free mobile app for added user convenience

Now the best and legal way to gain entry into Netflix premium account would be to download the app from your Play Store or visit the official website, choose a subscription plan, make the payment and start unlimited watching right away.

However, those who aren’t interested in spending money to avail the service can choose the next best alternative. Get your own free Netflix premium account without paying money.  Here’s a list of free Netflix accounts!

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