Free Peacock TV Accounts (2021)

You need free Peacock TV accounts to watch The Office and your favorite shows? We got you covered!

The NBC Peacock TV streaming service is what you need if you want to watch all of The Office. Peacock has all episodes of the comedy series, as well as a big back catalog of NBC sitcoms and Law & Order seasons. And the relatively new streamer has become known as the home to Premier League games and other sporting events. In this article we’ll share with you free Peacock TV accounts.

Peacock TV free trial

When you sign up for Peacock Premium, you’ll be offered a 7-day free trial, no matter if you want the $4.99 or $9.99 tier. The former has three to five minutes of ads per hour, while the latter is mostly ad-free (some programs must contractually play commercials, though).

Peacock TV shows and originals

Upcoming Peacock TV originals Noughts + Crosses (debuting Sept. 4), a 6-episode young adult drama series that adapts the first book in British author Malorie Blackman’s series of YA novels. The world of Noughts + Crosses is an alternate reality where Aprica (their version of Africa) invaded Europe, and segregation laws are still in place. The series has romance in it, thanks to Callum McGregor (Jack Rowan), who is a Nought, and Sephy Hadley (Masali Baduza) who is a Cross. Think Romeo & Juliet but made a little dystopic.

Other picked-up shows include Will Forte’s MacGruber, Tina Fey’s Girls5eva, which will star Sara Bareilles and Rutherford Falls from Parks & Rec’s Michael Schur and Ed Helms. 

Peacock originals include a Saved By the Bell reboot; an adaptation of A Brave New World; and conspiracy thriller The Capture; and the British comedy Intelligence, starring David Schwimmer (Friends). There’s also the film Psych 2: Lassie Come Home, bringing James Roday and Dule Hill back to TV.

Peacock TV classic shows and movies

But much like Disney+, Peacock’s biggest weapons (for now) are in its vault. Peacock will start off by offering lots from the library of NBC and its sister networks’ classic shows. That includes beloved sitcoms like Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock, as well as Saturday Night Live, and Cheers. There’s also a lot of older programming for going retro, including The Johnny Carson Show, The Carol Burnett Show and The Greatest American Hero.

At the beginning of 2021, Peacock also added the entire series of The Office. The first two seasons are available to Peacock Free user, but you’ll need to pay for Premium or Premium Plus to watch all of the seasons as well as bonus content.

You also get a ton of Law & Order shows in a strong mix of drama programming that includes Friday Night Lights, House and Battlestar Galactica (the original, not the upcoming series). Also Parenthood and Monk, as well as other older shows such as Murder She Wrote, Columbo and The Rockford Files.

Reality TV is getting space on Peacock, bringing The Real Housewives of Dallas, Bethenny Ever After, Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Very Cavallari and WAGS (and many more) to the streaming service. 

Now it’s time for the free Peacock TV accounts!

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