Bee Cleaning Itself in Front of the Heater After Being Saved from the Rain

Reddit user u/gemanova posted a video of a bee cleaning itself in front of the heater after being saved from the rain. The user said that she released the bee as soon as it was done and the rain stopped. The lady said that she wasn’t driving, she just sat in the car and let

Cats Freak out Seeing Feline Filter on Owners’ Faces

Watch these cats’ hilarious reactions to a realistic filter that transforms their owners into fellow felines. Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, has taken over social media in Gansu, China, partly due to this freaky cat look. The trend has left pets feeling just about any and every emotion, from curiosity and confusion to absolutely

Cat Can’t Stop Massaging His Favorite Pigs

Meet Ernest! A cute cat that can’t stop massaging his favorite pigs. He keeps hanging out with them, sits on them to calm them down, it’s pretty cute. The pigs are very friendly and Ernest wants to join the group and be part of the fun! He thinks it’s a warm and relaxing place, and

These Cats Are Ready for the Weekend 😻

Paws up for another Caturday! Caturday is the one day a week where it’s going to the cats, all day, every Saturday. Similarly, cat-lovers and cat-owners alike, flock to the internet to view, snap, tweet and share their amazing cat stories and photos. Caturday is a great day to have fun, bond, and spend time

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