Tyler, The Creator Goes on a Rant After Someone Brought a Sign That Says “Play Yonkers”

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned Tyler, The Creator rant to start your day off right. 

A fan brought a sign that says “PLAY YONKERS” at a Tyler, The Creator’s concert so he had a little rant about it.

Here’s the sign:

At the concert, Tyler told his audience:
“Your sign is dumb… out of every song of my f—ing discovery that’s the f—ing song you picked? You’re f—ing 12! You were 4 when that sh-t came! I have so many better songs! F–K… Play that stupid a– song”


Here are some fans’ reactions:


In other news, Tyler, The Creator also said that Eminem picks the ‘worst beats ever’ but praises his lyrical ability.

He revealed what he thought about Eminem’s music on Rick Rubin’s Broken Record podcast.

When asked whether there were any rappers who he listened to specifically for the lyrics, he chose Eminem, but slammed the beats he raps over.

He explained: ‘Some people who hear a smooth beat like, “I’ma going f–king yell on it! I’mma do this”. They’re more thinking of saying cool s–t rather than making a good song…

‘Eminem picked some of the worst beats ever. His energy and witty lines is what made the songs cool.’

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